Monday, June 28, 2010

My journey to the Dark Side is complete

Well, not complete. But I did buy the Windows 7, 3 user family pack for $209. I'll be installing it on the wife's PC today. I also put it on as a dual boot on my ubuntu system, for a laugh. I managed to get it to activate, using method #2 on this page, from Paul Thurrott's site. And after windows thoughtlessly overwrote the MBR on my drive, I even got my grub 2 menu back, following this excellent guide on the ubuntu forums.

One other thing I had to do on the ubuntu side of things is set the system clock to be local time, not UTC. I had to go edit the file /etc/default/rcS, and change the value UTC=yes to UTC=no. They seem to be playing OK together now. It's just a shame that windows can't see the data on my ext4/ext3/XFS partitions. I don't know if I can be bothered putting my data on an NTFS partition yet, so it can be seen by both systems. I'll see.

(Originally posted January 7, 2010 on my other blog)

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